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Meet our team

Our team is determined to develop your success and to reflect your Business values online.

Just kidding... there are 2 of us!

SODA Media was founded by Sergey and Olga, brother and sister.
Sergey graduated St. Petersburg university of culture with a Masters degree in Media Design back in 2010.

Sergey did plenty of freelance work and worked for web designs agencies as well has trying his hands in non-creative fields before he realized it was time to go solo and form his own little company.

This is when he asked his sister Olga to be his partner and take care of client relations part of the business so he can focus all of his attention on creating beautiful designs.

Olga is the your person of contact in our agency. Wherever she worked, one of her primary responsibilities was building personal relationships with clients. One year she got into beauty industry and started managing skincare clinics. During that time she felt the need to gain a deeper knowledge about web development and marketing in order to help the company grow. She continues to study and develop her skills in graphic design and social media marketing.
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